1. How to register?

Register at
For student/reviewee, select “Student” as your user type while “CPD” for those who will avail the online CPE courses (CPE for PRC License holder or certifications reporting)

ExcelCIA Knowledge Institute Inc. does not share, sell, or divulge your personal information. Your personal information will be used only by the company.

2. Does My Username Have to be My Email Address?

Yes, your email address will be your username, and it must be a valid email address. We will use your email address to deliver important information and certificates for the courses you’ve completed.

3. How to Pay?

***Kindly send us photo of your deposit slip or screenshot at Excelcia Phil messenger as proof of your payment to expedite the validation of your order/s.

4. How to test my connectivity? What if I get disconnected during the webinar?

✓ Preferably atleast 3Mbps internet connection is required.
✓ If disconnected, make sure you have a stable internet connection and if possible close any other application running in the background (i.e. Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). This could interfere with your internet connection if both are running at the same time.

5. When can I access my courses?

Study at your own pace anytime, anywhere, using your desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones- hassle free! With online learning, you may view the course materials on your own schedule.

Kindly use single device and internet connection on accessing your account to avoid cancellation of your account.

6. How soon will I get access to my courses?

You will get access to your course(s) activated within 48 hrs. For faster activation, you may message 0917-852-0968 or Excelcia Phil messenger.


7. What is webinar attendance policy?

For the meantime, manual face capture together with the video on the background is required for your attendance.

See online process for sample image.

8. When can I received my Certificate?

Please enter your full name upon registration including your PRC-CPA license no. to facilitate preparation of your certificate. Additional charge of Php50 per certificate duplication/revision.

Certificates will be available to download after viewing the videos, passing the assessment, and taking the evaluation of each course, the download icon will now be enabled.

9. How will I submit to PRC-BOA for CPD accreditation?

All webinar/seminar offered are subject to approval of PRC CPD Council upon submission under the “Self-Directed Program” (refers to learning activities such as online training which did not undergo CPD accreditation but may be applied for and awarded CPD units by the CPD Council of Board of Accountancy.

You have to process first your application for SDL credits of the seminars/webinars that you attended that were not accredited by the BOA CPD Council when these were offered. The approval of SDL credits for such seminars shall be attached to your application for accreditation to show compliance with CPD requirements.

Please be informed that when submitting an application for CPD credits for SDL webinars/seminars you must include a summary of learnings in narrative form in order to evaluate your application.

Only a maximum of 30% SDL CPD Units (Non-formal activities) of the total required for compliance may be credited for renewal of the PIC (PRC Resolution No. 1197, s. 2019, Guidelines on Self-Directed Learning Creditable Activities).